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Complete Plaster Remedial System

If your home or premises has visible cracks or is showing signs of aging get in touch with us. We work with you to provide a solution that will give you peace of mind for years to come.

O'Briens Road by Plaster Solutions

The StoArmat Remedial Render system is a complete, well engineered solution including:

  • StoCrack Fill - An elastomeric jointing paste to fill & reinforce cracks
  • StoLastic Mesh RF - With high crack prevention properties providing flexibility & reinforcement
  • StoArmat Render - An organic, weather resistant, cement free high impact render that is crack resistant up to six times that of cement-based plasters.
  • Stolit Render & StoColor facade paint - For a weather resistant, hard-wearing & stunning finish

The StoArmat Remedial Render system comes with an outstanding Sto 10 Year Refurbishment Warranty & complete StoService Assurance plan for future peace of mind.

View StoArmat Technical Specification Full Set
View Sto Glass Fibre Mesh Technical Specification Full Set - 4mm / 7mm
View StoArmat Remedial Render System Specification

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