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Sto Exterior Paints for a great finish

Typically we use Sto Exterior Facade Paints, the range has been specially designed for the Sto plaster cladding systems and offers an extensive choice of exterior colours (over 800 colours or we can match a colour of your choice). Intensive research and testing has been conducted resulting in the paints offering greater protection, sustainability and durability along side formulation free from solvents and plasticisers making them environmentally-friendly.

Conifer Grove by Plaster Solutions Sto Exterior Facade paints frequently used include...
StoColour X-black (heat-reflective facade paint guaranteed to keep temperature peaks caused by solar radiation at below 70°C). - View Technical Specification Full Set
StoColor Lotusan (with self cleaning properties) - View Technical Specification Full Set
StoColor Maxicryl (Matt finish with high covering power and colour fastness) - View Technical Specification Full Set
StoColor Lastic (Elastic Satin Finish for added durability) - View Technical Specification Full Set

Plaster Solutions also apply a range of clear coating and treatment systems for exterior concrete and raw masonry to give natural substrates the protection and waterproofing required. These systems include StoProtect Clear Coating System for Concrete Blocks, StoProtect Clear Coating Systems for Concrete Veneer, S-Protect Silane Protection for Precast, In situ Concrete & Brick Construction.

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