Maintenance Program

Maintenance and StoService Assurance

Maintaining your property correctly is key to ensuring you get the best life out of your plaster finish, while keeping it looking great & achieving maximum profit when it comes time to sell. Our complete Maintenance System is exclusively for STO Plaster finishes, and takes away any hassle by taking care of all the requirements for your StoService Assurance Warranty, while also ensuring your property holds it's value & continues to look great.

Maintenance is a vital part of owning a property to ensure any potential issues are found at the earliest possible stage & to maintain profitability in the sale price.

Kingsview Road by Plaster Solutions

Our Maintenance Program includes:

  • Exterior House Clean - Annually
  • Gutter Clean - Annually
  • Roof Treatment - Every 2.5 Years
  • Full Exterior Inspection - Every 2.5 Years
  • House & Roof Repaint - Every 10 Years

We'll keep a record of all maintenance carried out on your property & can provide a Certificate of Maintenance when it comes time to sell.

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